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The Various Types of Video Editing

Video editing refers to the manipulation and arrangement of images in film clips. It may also refer to the art of transforming a video clip into a motion picture using a computer. Video editing includes all the processes that are involved with the rearrangement, addition of sounds, removal of sounds, replacing characters or objects with other objects, adjusting the brightness and contrast of colors, and so on.

Video editing consists of the use of specialized software to rearrange, change, and edit a video clip. The various types of video editing are as follows: the text-based or the vector-based; the audio-based or the bitmapped based; the animated or the 3D based; the panoramic or the spherical based; the time-based or the frame-based. All these forms of video editing are suitable for the purposes of creating video presentations, for use by professional editors, and for commercial purposes.

A brief description of each type of video editing is as follows. The text-based or text-interactive editing allows the user to manipulate the contents of an image or text box. This editing procedure may involve the deletion of unwanted words or sentences, as well as the addition or deletion of words or sentences. The text-interactive editing may also be used for the modification of the video and for the introduction and the closing credits.

The vector-based video editing involves the application of vector based images or graphics in the editing process. It includes the creation of a graphic representation of a video clip, which is then inserted or deleted during the editing process. The use of vector-based graphics and images is highly useful for the purpose of making a video presentation, since they are capable of representing a lot of details and objects.

Audio-based or the sound-based editing uses sounds to present or narrate the video. It does not have any animation, so the video is the focus of the audio. The audio-based editing may be done for the purpose of creating a demonstration, or for the presentation of information. It may also be used for the purpose of informing the audience.

The audio-interactive editing refers to the creation of sound effects and music in the video. The usage of sound effects in the video is usually for the purpose of describing the visual content of the video, and in the case of the use of an animated video, for adding life to it. It can also be used for the purpose of introducing the video in an animated manner.

Bitmap-based editing refers to the use of images and pictures in the video, which is composited and arranged in an irregular way. This kind of editing is highly useful for presenting the video with different textures or colors. It is commonly used in the case of making a movie. The use of this kind of editing technique involves the creation of different shades of reds, blues, and greens, or browns.

Animation based editing refers to the process of converting a clip into an animated video, which consists of a series of images that are created at a certain place in the movie-making process. It may be for the purpose of describing the action in an animated way, or for the purpose of showing the action without the use of any sounds.

Clip-based editing refers to the creation of a single clip, which contains all the required elements or information needed to make the video. These clips may be animated or non-animated but must be compatible with the rest of the video.

Video collage editing involves the combination of several video clips, which are combined in a special way. These videos will be merged into a collage, which will show various images and information in an animated manner. In this type of editing, one or more videos will be used for a specific purpose. It may be used to depict a product launch, an accident, an event, or a speech that was given at a seminar, or an educational presentation.

The usage of these types of editing in the context of video production is highly beneficial to the producers and the viewers. Since they help create videos that are interactive, they allow them to share their views and ideas with others.


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