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SoundBeamer – The device that brings sound to your ears without the need for earphones

The goal of technology is increasingly to be a useful tool in our daily lives and, therefore, simplify our lives. Thus, from Israel comes a technology called SoundBeaming, capable of bringing the sound directly to the user’s ears, without the need to use earphones or headphones.

The Israeli company Noveto has already created its first equipment with this technology, called SoundBeamer. Let’s get to know a little better about how it works.

SoundBeaming brings the sound to your ears without the need for a headset

To hear the sound of some equipment, we have two more common options: either the sound propagates in the environment, or we just hear it through earphones.

However, the Israeli company Noveto brings another alternative through a very interesting concept. Its technology called SoundBeaming allows the user to hear the sound emitted only directly in their ears, but without the need to use earphones, and not allowing other people to hear.

This functionality is achieved through ultrasonic waves capable of bringing a unique audio experience to the user, but without disturbing those around. In short, the system creates a kind of ‘sound bubble’ around the ears.

These ultrasonic waves are generated using digital signal processor (DSP) algorithms and then emitted into the air according to a transducer matrix.

Thus, the signal locates the user’s ears and the sound is directed in that direction, creating a kind of wave cluster around the person’s ear. And through the 3D sensors, the sound is emitted according to the movement and position of the listener’s head.

The equipment was initially created with a view to videoconferences, which are so necessary at a time of pandemic. However, it can also be used for podcasts, meditation, listening to music, etc.

SoundBeamer brings all the SoundBeaming technology and its launch is scheduled for December 2021.



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