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Future of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Technologies

Virtual reality is a virtualized experience that is different from or identical to the real world. Many uses of virtual reality technologies have been created for both gaming and work. Applications of virtual reality for entertainment and education are fairly new. Other interesting applications of virtual reality technologies include medicine and manufacturing. Other unique forms of VR-style technologies include augmented reality and blended reality sometimes called extended reality or UMR.

The idea of using virtual reality has always been around, but it has only become popular in recent years. The most common application of virtual reality is entertainment, especially video games. It is also becoming more popular with the advent of wearable technology, such as Google Cardboard. Realizing that there are multiple senses involved, the developers of virtual reality developed various ways to make the experience of playing virtual games more realistic.

Developers have created video games such as virtual reality ski goggles and lucid dreaming headsets. Now you can purchase a pair of glasses with lenses that can be attached to your glasses and you will have the sensation of skiing downhill while looking through your binoculars! The gaming experience is further enhanced by having gloves that are not visible when you are wearing the goggles. With gloves, the gamer can better manipulate controls and aim the gun.

Another exciting application of virtual reality technology is using HTC Sensation. The HTC Sensation allows you to play the popular HTC Fit game while walking around your living room. You feel like you are really inside the game by wearing the HTC Sensation’s stand-on body glove. Instead of haphazardly kicking and spinning your gaming keyboard, the glove lets you use hands instead. Playing the HTC Fit with the HTC Sensation is quite an experience as it combines the capabilities of haptic feedback, where you can tell if you are touching the screen or not, with the sense of actually being inside the game.

Another application of this innovative virtual reality technology is gaming. Most people who have played console-based video games in the past are used to moving their fingers while playing. With the introduction of virtual reality gloves, gamers are now able to use both their hands and their mind to control their gaming experience. Rather than moving a controller to aim and fire at an enemy, you are able to focus on moving your hands so that you are more in control. This adds another element of realism to the gaming experience.

Another application of this cutting-edge virtual reality technology is in the realm of entertainment. Video games such as “ARMS” (packs of assault rifles) have been modified to be more realistic. Players can now aim at enemies from a first-person perspective, which adds to the intense gameplay. As this type of augmented reality gaming becomes more popular, it may even spark more interest in gaming for those who have not even picked up a controller.

Mixed reality (aka mixed reality or MRO) is another important piece to the future of virtual reality technology. In mixed reality, digital information overlays real-world data in order to create a 3D experience. For example, in Google Maps, a street view of your home could include photos from within your front door and information about your neighbors. Theoretically, this technology could someday replace human employees completely replace them as business and travel partners.

Headset technology is one important component of the future of virtual reality. Currently, users need to wear headphones or glasses in order to enter the virtual world. However, with the ability to wear just about any type of headset in order to fully immerse themselves in their virtual reality environment, they may find they no longer need a headset. This opens up new avenues for social interaction as users are no longer confined to a computer screen. They can now socialize with others in their surroundings using their hands, wrists, and headsets!

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