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Apple announces and unveils the new HomePod Mini

On October 13, Apple began its event with the announcement and unveiling of its new HomePod Mini which, as the name implies, is a smaller version of the existing HomePod, launched in 2018.

Featuring a very similar to its predecessor, the new HomePod Mini arrives to try to erase the sales failure of the first HomePod and, at the same time, to give the target audience of the equipment a more updated device.

The new HomePod Mini promises to further enhance the experience of listening to music without headphones, as well as allowing anyone to control their home or even take Siri to another level.

The HomePod Mini uses all new top hardware and ensures that the best sound quality is present. Everything was designed around the S5 processor, together with a host of unique technologies.

With a unique integration with the iPhone, the HomePod Mini can detect its presence in the same space, giving the user a different experience. This will have feedback on the song and what is being played.

While working in isolation, the HomePod Mini can also be grouped together and thus give a stereo experience for better listening. This pairing must be automatic and transparent.

But at the center of this physical assistant is another well-known, Siri. This is present from the first moment and guarantees access to the agenda, apps and all the necessary information.

It will also be Siri that will handle the integration with CarPlay and the iPhone, in a transparent and unique way. Communicating with other users via the HomePod Mini will be as simple as speaking.

The HomePod Mini will arrive at a very low price, making it affordable and simple to place several in a home. Its price will be 99 dollars and can be ordered next November 6th. Deliveries begin on November 16th.

You can see more information about HomePod Mini on Apple website

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