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A new console has arrived to join the PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X

We are just weeks away from the arrival of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but these will not be the only consoles to hit the market as early as next November, which looks like it will be filled with a lot of new hardware.

The new Xbox Series S and Series X arrive in the hands of users as early as 10 November, and PlayStation 5 arrives a few days later, on 19 November in the vast majority of markets. But in November another console arrives, and I’m talking about Atari VCS, a new version of the classic console, which despite being launched with the same name, arrives completely reformulated and with more than 100 games included.

Atari VCS hits the market in November for $ 389.99

Unlike the original Atari VCS that first hit the market in 1977, this new console comes with a series of new technologies to make it ready for much more demanding games. Inside we have an AMD Ryzen CPU with an AMD Radeon GPU, 8GB of RAM that can be expanded, and promises to run games in 4K HDR resolutions.

In addition, the console will also come with a USB 3.0, HDMI and Ethernet port, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

Improvements to the Atari VCS over the original console also include the addition of an Atari Modern Controller, which is a controller very similar to the controller currently being used on the Xbox.

Interestingly, this new console differs from a standard game console in that it offers a dedicated PC mode. This means that you can install a secondary operating system, for example, Windows, on an external USB storage drive, and that it is perfectly bootable, allowing you to use the console as if it were a home PC.

(Image: Atari / Disclosure)

However, its own operating system is based on Linux and comes pre-installed with dozens of Atari’s own Retro games, as well as many other current games, from other studios. And like other consoles, it has its own game store, where you can buy games and applications.

You can check more details about the Atari VCS on the console’s official website, clicking here.




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